New Quarry Park to Connect Existing Parks with Stunning Water Body for Tampines Ave 11 Condo Residents

The park will feature lush grassy areas, along with meandering pathways, for jogging, biking and other activities. An outdoor gym is also slated to be built, for added fitness opportunities. With the launch of the new Quarry Park, residents of Tampines Ave 11 Condo will be able to spend leisurely walks and picnics surrounded by lush greenery.

The new Quarry Park will be a beautiful recreational spot for residents of Tampines Ave 11 Condo, located in close proximity to the planned area. This park will feature a stunning water body, offering locals an easily accessible green space. To create a continuous chain of parks in the area, the Boulevard Park will run along Tampines North Boulevard, and will link together the various pockets of Tampines North.

Situated on Tampines Avenue 11, Tampines Ave 11 Condo covers a total area of 545,314 square feet. This site is meant for a dynamic …

The Myst Condo Acquisition of 2 Plots of Land by CDL Aries at Bukit Timah Near to Jurong East
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The Myst Condo Acquisition of 2 Plots of Land by CDL Aries at Bukit Timah Near to Jurong East

The acquisition of two plots of land by CDL Aries in the up-and-coming The Myst Upper Bukit Timah area for a total of S$126.3 million ($92.5 million) sets the stage for a potential new condominium tower, and presents an opportunity for the developer to make the most of the various development plans in the neighbourhood. This new residential project has the potential to be highly sought-after by both Singaporeans and investors alike, making it an exciting venture for the company.

The West Region of Singapore covers an area of 25,500 hectares, making it the largest of the five regions. Jurong East serves as the regional center, while Jurong West is the most populous town. Home to many of the country’s heavy industry firms, such as BP, ExxonMobil, DuPont, Mitsui Chemicals, and Shell, the West Region is an important part of the petrochemical sector. The government plans to further develop the …

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A Comparison Between 2 Housing Estates Such as Bukit Batok and Bukit Panjang

Marina Gardens Condo Bukit Batok and Bukit Panjang are two housing estates located in Singapore, and both are popular residential areas in the country. Both estates have their own unique characteristics, and when it comes to choosing between them, it can be difficult to decide. This article will provide a comparison between the two estates, looking at factors such as housing prices, transport links, amenities, and more.

When it comes to housing prices, Bukit Batok is the more expensive of the two estates. This is likely due to its proximity to the city centre, as well as the fact that it is generally considered to be a more desirable area. On the other hand, Bukit Panjang is much more affordable, and is home to a variety of different types of housing.

When it comes to transport links, both estates are well-served by the MRT network. Bukit Batok is connected to …

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Bukit Panjang Master Plan Indicate Highly Sought After Private Projects by First Time Home Buyers

Bukit Panjang, a residential estate located in the west of Singapore, is one of the most sought after private projects by first time home buyers in the country. The Bukit Panjang Master Plan, which was launched in 2008, is a comprehensive roadmap to transform the area into a vibrant and sustainable living environment. It is designed to provide an integrated and comprehensive development of public facilities, amenities and transport networks.

The Master Plan has been designed to provide a host of amenities and facilities for the residents. It includes new housing, commercial and recreational spaces, as well as an integrated transport system. The new housing options include a mix of private residential, executive condominiums and public housing projects. The commercial spaces include a mix of retail, commercial and business parks, while the recreational spaces offer a range of leisure and sporting activities. The transport networks have been improved with the …

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Former Tan Chong Industrial Estate To Turn into Private Residential Development by CDL

The Tan Chong Industrial Estate, which was established in the 1950s and located in the heart of Singapore, is set to become a private residential development. The development, which is being spearheaded by City Developments Limited (CDL), will be the first of its kind in the area and will provide a much-needed boost to the local economy.

The industrial estate was originally developed by the Tan Chong Motor Company, a leading manufacturer of automobiles and light industrial equipment. Since its establishment, the estate has been home to a number of businesses and factories, as well as providing employment to thousands of people in the area. However, in recent years the estate has seen a decline in activity, leading to a decrease in its economic contribution to the area.

In an effort to revitalise the area, CDL has come up with a plan to transform the industrial estate into a private …

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Bukit Panjang Bus Interchange and Bukit Panjang Downtown Line To Aid Residents of CDL Aries Condo

Bukit Panjang Bus Interchange and Bukit Panjang Downtown Line To Aid Residents of CDL Aries Condo

Residents of CDL Aries Condo in Bukit Panjang are set to benefit from the new Bukit Panjang Bus Interchange and the Bukit Panjang Downtown Line. This new public transport infrastructure is part of the larger Land Transport Master Plan 2040, which seeks to improve connectivity in Singapore.

The Bukit Panjang Bus Interchange will be located at the junction of Bukit Panjang Road and Choa Chu Kang Road. It will provide direct connections to Choa Chu Kang MRT Station, Bukit Panjang MRT Station, and the Bukit Panjang Downtown Line. This is a significant development for the local community as the interchange will provide a more convenient way of travelling to various destinations.

The Bukit Panjang Downtown Line is a new line that will run from Bukit Panjang MRT Station to Choa Chu Kang MRT Station. …

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How The Beauty World Rejuvenation Programme Will Benefit Residents of CDL Condo at Upper Bukit Timah

Upper Bukit Timah is a vibrant and bustling neighbourhood in Singapore, and many of its residents are part of the CDL Condo community. As part of the Beauty World Rejuvenation Programme, the area will benefit from a range of measures, designed to enhance its beauty and rejuvenate its environment.

The programme will begin with the implementation of improved green spaces and landscaping. This will include the installation of lush, vibrant parks and gardens, providing residents with much-needed green spaces to relax and unwind. These public spaces will also help to reduce local air pollution, as well as providing a more aesthetically pleasing environment for residents to enjoy.

Furthermore, the programme will focus on improving public access to amenities around the area. This may include the installation of public libraries or other public-facing facilities, such as art galleries or museums. Such measures will not only improve the local environment, but also …